Greeting Windows in Portello

Shop windows decorated by children and celebrations for all in Portello

A party for all the inhabitants of the district (but not only for them) dedicated to sharing and fun: this is the core of “Greeting Windows in Portello”, the event that will be held near Porta Ognissanti on December 14.

According to tradition, the children of the Kindergarten and primary school of the Portello district have been preparing Christmas decorations that they will use to adorn the shop windows and the Christmas tree of the district. On this day, indeed, children will go out of their schools to donate their decorations to shopkeepers and receive some sweets in exchange. In addition the decorations made with their own hands, children will also donate some greeting cards and the poster made by the students of Liceo Selvatico High School.

On this occasion, in front of the Porta Ognissanti an open air show for the children will take place, and children will receive also some presents to continue with their works in class. The event, dedicated to both adults and children, will tale place from 10 to 12 am (in case of bad weather, it will be postponed to December 18).

The event is organized by the Association Progetto Portello: for more details, please write an email to

Come and celebrate a Christmas of sharing in Portello!


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