Ice skating and shows on the ice in an enchanted atmosphere

Ice skating is one of those activities that everybody wants to try at Christmas! No matter if you are sportspeople or incurably lazy, you will hardly resist the call of the blade that slides on the ice sheet, even better if the skating rink is inserted in a magical setting with a strong Christmas mood.

Is there anything that reminds you Christmas more than an ice rink in the Village of Elves and Fairies in Piazza Sartori? We wait for you from December 6 to January 7 to vault on the roller skates on the 20×10 rink installed by Water Ice Sport & Show and try the main sport of the Christmas period.

The rink in the Village will not only be the setting for your maneuvers: it will also host figure skating performances and open days dedicated to ice hockey. Here is the events calendar:

– 19 December from 12 to 2 pm – Performance of the Baby Pattinaggio Artistico sul Ghiaccio group
– 22 December from 3 pm – Open day ice hockey
– 22 December from 5 pm – Open day ice hockey
– 5 January from 3-4 pm – Open day figure skating
– 5 January from 3 pm – 1st round open day ice hockey
– 5 January from 5 pm – 2nd round open day ice hockey
– 6 January from 3 – Open day figure skating

The ice rink will be open all day long on December 8, 9, 15, 16; from 2 pm on working days until December 21 and all day long (from 10 am to 7 pm) from December 22 to January 6.

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