Italian songs interpreted by Alessandro Pascali, Choritaly & Special guest

There are Italian songs of the present and of the past that are now part of us and are able to awaken intense and common emotions. The perfect opportunity to listen to some of these songs is given to us by Suoni Patavini: during the festivities, as part of Novembre Patavino, it will organise the show “Il Concerto Italiano” (The Italian Concert; partner: Fisioelan Elan Vital).

The date to save is 7 December at 9 pm, when the Italian tunes that we all love, will be played at the Esperia Theatre. The warm and eclectic voice of Alessandra Pascali will make everything even more magical. The singer is a well-known name for the Padua audience and an artist able to move from jazz to soul, from gospel to funk, without ever losing her interpretive skills.

But that is not all: to accompany her on stage there will be also Lubjan and Antonella Cozzolino, as well as special guests such as Eugenio Pendini, Andrea Garbin and Amalia Sabino.

A special mention should be given to the extraordinary band (composed by Ivan Zuccarato on keyboards, Riccardo Bertuzzi on guitars, Daniele Vianello on bass and Graziano Colella on drums) and the choir, who will animate the evening together with the soloists. Choritaly, specialised in Italian songs, is definitely the revelation chorus in the Italian music scene and will make you live unique emotions!

Icing on the cake, the event is combined with a tasting offered by La Romana Ice-cream shop!

The whole event’s proceeds (ticket price: € 20) will be donated to charity. For information and to get tickets you can call the number +39 342 1486878 or write an email to




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