Exhibition of handmade nativity scenes and free shows

From 1st December to 10th January, strolling along the streets of Cittadella Francescana between the Piazzas and Via del Santo, Via San Francesco, Via Ospedale and Via Cesarotti, try to take a good look – and not just a quick glance – at the shop windows in which you can also admire excellent examples of nativity scene crafts. Throughout the same period, “Presepiando” returns for the 5th time with the exhibition of artisanal nativity scenes organised by the Associazione Gattamelata. The event is part of the “La Strada dei Presepi” festival, which celebrates its 14th edition in 2018.

The inauguration will take place on 1st December and, for over a month, the shop windows will display nativity scenes created using a range of techniques and materials, including wood, terracotta, plaster, wax, resin and silver, hailing from all around the Veneto region and Italy generally. In addition to the window displays, nativity scenes can also be admired inside the stores, the owners of which will be happy to welcome interested visitors. The artistic nativity scenes will also be exhibited at the Istituto Oncologico Veneto located on Via Gattamelata no. 64 (by the Pro Loco Cittadellese) and at the “Parco del Sole” retirement home in Via Boccaccio no. 96 (in collaboration with Nicolò Celegato).

For those who want to really explore the tradition and characteristics of this particular form of artistic expression, the association offers the opportunity to take a guided tour of the nativity scenes accompanied by a representative of the Associazione. For more information on the guided itinerary or for more information on the eateries and parking, please contact the organisers via the email address associazionegattamelata@gmail.com or by calling the number +39 348-0005973.

Throughout the exhibition, two free shows will be offered to all at the Sala Teologica of the Basilica del Santo in Padua. In particular, on 1st December at 8:45 pm, a great Christmas classic will be staged, being Dickens’ musical comedy, A Christmas Carol, whilst at the same time on 22nd December, another work by Dickens will be shown – The Cricket on the Hearth. Both musical comedies are being performed by the Compagnia Chori Canticum.


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