Santa comes to town

Santa is coming to Padua to visit his factory in Piazza Eremitani!

Are you ready to meet Santa? If you are, save this date: December 8. This is the day chosen by Santa Claus to come to town, where his factory in the Eremitani Village is waiting for him.

Santa Claus is expected to arrive at 3.30 pm, but we cannot reveal how he will arrive yet: in the past he has arrived on a sleigh, on a coach, but also with the bus and boat. Anything might happen! We suggest that you keep your eyes open, as you might see it coming from any side in the city center and walking through the streets hunting for Christmas letters. We do not know his itinerary in details, but we can tell you that he will stop in Piazza Duomo to meet shopkeepers and children, then he will walk through the streets of the city center and go to Piazza Garibaldi. Hence he will head to his final stage: his factory in the Eremitani Village, where he will check his helpers’ work.

Piazza Eremitani is where you will find him all the weekends until Christmas, as well as on Christmas Eve, from 3.30 to 7.30 pm.

Get ready for a magical meeting with Santa Claus!

The event is organized by World Appeal. For more information, please write an email to

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