Silent Party

An open air discotheque, in the historical center, where everybody dances listening to the music they prefer with headphones! This is what will happen in Padua at Christmas time: on the 21st of December, indeed, in front of Palazzo Moroni there will be a Silent Party Christmas Edition, which will make you dance after choosing the music played by DJs.

To be precise, there will be 3 DJs, and each of them will play a different music genre. Taking part in the event, you will receive wireless headphones and with a simple click you will be able to choose which music to listen to. Everything will be made even merrier by the fact that each music channel will be enlightened with a different color, depending on the music you choose, thus transforming the dance floor into an ocean of colorful lights.

Entrance is free; the headphones renting cost is 10 euro (if you do not reserve in advance, or if you arrive after 9.30 pm), or 8 euro. The reduced price will be applied if you book in advance sending a WhatsApp message to the number +39 345 8932478 containing your name and surname followed by “Silent Pd” by 9.30 pm. Reservations are individual and, to get the reduced price, you need to confirm your reservation arriving by 9:30 pm and showing a valid ID.

The headphones will be delivered starting from 8:30 am. There is a limited number of headphones, so don’t wait too long!

To get more information, please contact the number 392 3821712 or visit the official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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