Music, emotions and charity on the Kioene Arena stage

Summertime4children will be back also this Christmas! Last year the charity concert gained a great success, enabling to raise money for important projects, and this year the members of what is defined as the biggest gospel concert in Europe will be the protagonists of a great show to support Medici con l’Africa CUAMM and the association Nuova Famiglia – Addis Beteseb.

The date to save is December 14 at 9 pm, when the show will make the spectators immerse in a dimension of pure emotion and energy (no wonder that the second name of the choir is “Energy Train”!). The choir made of 50 singers, in addition to 30 orchestra members, 10 dancers and a band of 5 players will propose a high emotional repertoire, which will include some of the main steps of the choir’s history, alternating great classics and rearranged successes. The title of the show is “Back to the Future” and highlights the intention to tell the story of the choir without forgetting to look at the future, a main peculiarity of an ever-evolving group like this.

The singers will be accompanied also by three special guests: violinist Cassandra Sotos, who has just come back from the world tour with the Indian star Arjit Singh, Andrea D’Alessio, talented singer, author and beatboxer, well-known also for its participation in X Factor 7, and Joanne Luv Jones, expert and precocious singer (she has sung since she was 1 year old!).

Attending Summertime4Children means immersing in emotions, listening to one of the biggest and most expert bands of the territory and beyond. In exchange for some hours of good music and unique emotions, you will give a contribution for important projects.

The show is patronized by Nuova Provincia and the Municipality of Padua. You can find more details about tickets on the website To learn more about the choir and its history, you can visit the official website.

For any other information please contact the Summertime music association calling the number +39 349-3550194 or writing an email to

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