Switching on of the Christmas Tree Lights

The Christmas tree lights are lit in front of the town hall!

At the end of November, excitement is in the air because Christmas is fast approaching! What better way to welcome the Christmas month than with the switching of the big fir tree lights, placed, as always, in front of the Town Hall?

Do not miss the switching on ceremony of the Christmas tree lights in front of Palazzo Moroni, on 30th November at 4.00 pm! In the presence of Antonio Bressa, Councillor for Trade and Productive Activities, the great fir tree will be dressed up for the event, illuminating our city.

The event is organised by the Municipality of Padua.

The ceremony will be made even more exciting by Christmas Soul’s gospel concert: a musical journey from Spiritual to Gospel and Christmas carols. Let yourself be surprised by the voice mix of Chiara Luppi, Stevie Biondi, and Luca Brighi and by the arrangements made by Michele Bonivento (Hammond organ and piano) and Carmine Bloisi (drums). The concert is part of “Natale dei Balocchi” (The Christmas of Toys”), an initiative by Associazione Play which is meant to provide opportunities of meeting and bringing together people.

To have more details about the concert, you can contact the organizers writing an email to info@associazioneplay.it or calling the number +39 320-3031957. You can also visit the official website

And that’s not all: on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the 50 years from the DOC recognition of the wines of the Euganean Hills (event by Promex and Novembre Patavino), the switching on ceremony will feature also the famous chef Carlo Cracco! A special guest for an important event.

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