The Nutcracker Swing

Theatre concert for children

A show for children suspended between dream and reality, music and storytelling, music performance and theatre: this is the core of The Nutcracker Swing, which will be staged at the Piccolo Teatro Don Bosco on December 13 and 14 at 10 am.

Children will attend a unique show, which will take them to a dream dimension, and will be accompanied through a music journey that will give them an answer to common questions that they ask themselves, like: how does an army of rats march? How do you enter a magical world? How do you come out of it? How do I know when a dream is really over?

Realised by the company Bottega degli Apocrifi, directed by Cosimo Severo (who has managed also lights and scenes), the show is loosely based on Hoffmann’s original fairytale and Tchaikovsky’s music. The music arrangement was realized by Fabio Trimigno and the original tunes by Celestino Telera, Michele Lorenzo Telera and Fabio Trimigno.

The ticket price is 5€. Form information and bookings you can contact UFFICIO TEATRO-SCUOLE Tam Teatromusica calling the numbers +39 049-654669 / 320-2449985 or writing an email fo

Schiaccianoci Swing - Bottega degli Apocrifi

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