The Original American Gospel 2018

Performance of an American gospel choir

If you have a passion for gospel music, or if you have never had the chance to listen to an authentic gospel choir live, you cannot miss The Original American Gospel, the performance of the choir made up of Markey Montague (keyboards and vocals) and the Fellowship (Ocie Jackson, Ceaira Dunn, Cedric Nunley).

A unique show, literally: the concert that will be held in Padua, in the Cultural Center Altinate – San Gaetano, indeed, will be the only one in Europe! The date to save is December 29: it’s going to be a fascinating and highly emotional night.

The event is organized by Promovies (it’s part of the 31st Music and Theatre Season 2018/2019) in collaboration with the Municipality of Padua and Veneto Padova Spettacoli. The ticket price is 15 € (12 € for kids up to 14 years old); tickets can be purchased online or in the shops Gabbia Dischi (via Dante), Cartoleria C’era una volta (via Asolo 9, Paltana), Cartoleria Ruggero (via Armistizio 289, Mandria). For reservations you can send an email to For more information please call the number +39 366-4016430.

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