Window Display Competition

Competition for the best window display

This Christmas, the shopkeepers and street vendors along the roads and piazzas of Ponte di Brenta are called upon to outdo themselves in terms of their decorations on their counters and in their windows as part of the competition for the best Christmas display!

Participants will receive three Christmas-themed cut-outs featuring the 2018 Christmas in Padua logo, created specifically for this year’s edition in three different colours (blue, white and red). These cut-outs can be used to create a display inspired by the theme “Christmas in Padua, a city of stars”. The decorations must be created and put on display by 8th December.

wandering team of judges composed of a professional window dresser, a representative of the administration and one of the consumer associations, will visit the displays between 8th and 22nd December to assess each offering. The judge’s votes will be added to those of the citizens to reward the best display of a distributor, a food business and a non-food business.

The best display overall will also be awarded the prize of a unique work by Elena Menegazzo, a young master glazier.

The award ceremony will take place on 5th January, as a time of celebration for all citizens, also including sports demonstrations in the main square.

The event is organised by SPHERA – Amateur Sports Association. For more information, please contact the event manager, Alfredo Drago, via emailing or calling +39 335-6042722.

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