New Year’s Eve in Prato della Valle

Once again Prato della Valle will be the setting for the great celebrations organized in the city to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one.

To make an event that has become a regular date even more special, there will be one of the most important names in the Italian hip hop scene: Fabri Fibra, who will perform in a concert and DJ sets making all the attending people dance and have fun.

This year the event of the Municipality of Padua – Department of Events (completely free) will be organized by Radio Company in collaboration with Future Vintage Festival, which in recent years has brought to Padua some outstanding names from the international music scene. If in recent years Giorgio Moroder and Bob Sinclar had performed in Piazza Garibaldi a few days before Christmas, this year it was decided to combine the performance of a great artist with the traditional New Year’s Eve party in Prato della Valle, the perfect location (both in terms of size and beauty) to host such an event.

The most awaited ingredients of New Year’s Eve won’t be missing: in addition to Fabri Fibra’s concert, the spectators of Prato della Valle will enjoy much music and entertainment, as well as beautiful fireworks. A great party that will last from 9 pm to 2 am and that will make you start your 2020 in the best possible way!

For more details, please contact or call the number 800 066 322.


Fabri Fibra a Padova Capodanno

Here are some practical details to fully enjoy the event



On Tuesday the 31st of December, Park Rabin in Piazza Rabin will be open 24h (488 places). Access from via Marghera through Piazzale Santa Croce. To reach the park, follow the directions with the writing “Capodanno 2020” in the south of the city.


You might use the free bus service: 4 lines and 12 buses will connect the city to Prato della Valle. The service will be active from 9:30 pm on December the 31 to 2:45 am on the 1st of January (a bus each 15/20 minute).

Departures and paths:

NORD BUS: from the park of the north terminus of the tram through Via Aspetti, Railway Station, Corso del Popolo, Corso Garibaldi, Riviere, to via Luca Belludi.

EAST BUS: circular line with terminus in via Manzoni along via F. d’Acquapendente, via Bembo, park Bembo, park Piovese, via Piovese, via Facciolati, to via Manzoni.

SOUTH BUS: from the park of the south terminus of the tram along via Guizza, Bassanello, via Cavallotti, to Piazzale Santa Croce.

WEST BUS: from via Ciamician, along via dei Colli, park Colli, via Sorio, via Cernaia, to Ponte Saracinesca.


To guarantee people’s safety during the event, the concert area will be limited to the space near the stage (Lobo of Santa Giustina). However, when the area gets full, you will have the chance to attend the show in Prato della Valle, outside the concert area.

To enter the concert area, you will be asked to show the free ticket that you might have received on the days before the event or on the day of the concert. Please reach the concert area in advance.

There will be controls at the entrance of the concert area. Inside the concert area, our staff will guarantee safety and regulate the flow on the base of the number of people allowed by the law.

Participants will have to respect some rules: it will not be possible to bring in the area glass bottles and objects, plastic bottles larger than 0.5 liters, metal water bottles, alcoholic drinks, drinks in cans, bicycles, flammable liquids, spray cans, pepper spray, sharp objects or objects that can harm others such as umbrellas and poles, selfie sticks and tripods, explosive materials, fireworks, smoke bombs, signal flares, stones, chains, knives or other pounding or cutting objects, poisons, narcotic and harmful substances.

It will also not be possible to bring in the area remote-controlled drones and airplanes, laser pointers, musical instruments, audio / video recording equipment, professional or semi-professional cameras, video cameras, GoPro, iPad and tablets. The entry of bicycles, skateboards, skates and overboards, tents and sleeping bags, suitcases, trolleys and backpacks larger than 15 liters of capacity is also prohibited.


If you want to be sure to enter the concert area, which is free, you will have the chance to get the free tickets (max 2 for person) that will be distributed in Prato della Valle on the days before the event, and in particular: near the juggle in Prato della Valle there will be a little house where to get the free tickets on Sunday the 29th and Monday the 30th from 10 am to 12 pm and from 4 to 7 pm; on Tuesday the 31st from 10 am to 12 pm. From 5 pm there will be also another little house for tickets near Palazzo Angeli – Via Umberto.

To spend New Year’s Eve in Prato della Valle, outside the concert area, you won’t need to have the ticket.


On the 31st of December:

• parking ban on the entire Prato della Valle area from the morning of the 31st of December;

• closure to traffic of Via Cavazzana and of the stretches of Prato della Valle surrounding the Lobo di Santa Giustina from 10 am on 31/12;

• public and private transports throughout the Prato della Valle area will be guaranteed until 7 pm except for closed sections;

• closure to traffic of the entire Prato della Valle area starting from 7 pm on 31/12;

• the tram will circulate regularly in both directions until 9 pm; then, the Prato della Valle area will be entirely forbidden to traffic;

• as for the parking area in Park Rabin, since access is prohibited from 10 am on 31/12 in via 58 ^ Fanteria (the only access allowed for parking), the practicability on via 58 ^ Fanteria will be modified in order to guarantee the complete and regular use of the parking area.

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