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Wandering Christmas
7 December 2019
Wandering shows and concerts, from December 7 to 23, will spread the magic of Christmas down the streets and squares of Padua!
Christmas in Ghetto
8 December 2019
Wandering shows and the arrival of Santa Claus: this is the program of Christmas in Ghetto!
THE CHRISTMAS OF TOYS – Events in Piazzetta Milano
7 December 2019
Piazzetta Milano
Shows for all and the smiles spread by Dottor Clown: here are the ingredients of the events taking place on 7, 14, and 21 December in Piazzetta Milano!
URBAN CHRISTMAS – Christmas on Via Giotto
14 December 2019
Celebrate an “alternative” Christmas on Via Giotto! On 13, 15, 21 and 22 December take part in a street party and enjoy music, art, theatre, food and shopping!
COME IN: Light up Camin, it’s Christmas time
15 December 2019
On December the 15th the Camin district lights up! Music, shows, markets, and horseback riding await you.
Guizza Handmade
30 November 2019
Piazzale Cuoco
On the 30th of November let’s meet in the Guizza district to visit the Artisan Market, enjoy live music and taste roasted chestnuts!
EstEnergy #iodoenergia
13 December 2019
Piazza Cavour
The campaign conceived by EstEnergy to support the families in difficulties living in Padua arrives in Piazza Cavour on December 13, 14, and 15.
New Year’s Eve in Prato della Valle
31 December 2019
Prato della Valle
This year the traditional celebrations in Prato della Valle will be made even more exciting by the performance of Fabri Fibra!
Greeting Windows in Portello
10 December 2019
Porta Ognissanti
On December 10 the schoolchildren of the Portello district will adorn the Christmas tree with decorations made by themselves!
Artisan Christmas
6 December 2019
Piazza Capitaniato
From 6th December to 6th January, Piazza Capitaniato becomes the point of reference for handicrafts, street artists and live music.
Christmas Fair
7 December 2019
Piazze del Centro
From 7 December to 6 January, the city's main squares and streets come alive with market stalls for all tastes!
Little train
22 November 2019
The Santa Claus factory
From 22nd November to 6th January, take the Christmas train around the streets and piazzas of Padua! All aboard!
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